This is my attempt to take a moment out of each day and capture something that makes me smile, laugh, think, cry or just feel.
I hope you enjoy the journey.

{June 30}

The blooms just keep coming! Love this time of year!  They normally don't start popping until 4th of July, so they are about a week early!

{June 29}

She's so cute from any angle!

{June 28}'t matter..they are pretty.

{June 27}

This is about as far as I stepped outside today. Lazy movie watching Sunday.

{June 26}

Found this little lake/beach area on our way back from Granville...might need to check it out this summer!

{June 25}

I made macaroni for dinner...and this is what was left in the pan.  Made me giggle!

{June 24}

One of the bigger orange fish seems to have gotten something on him. He has these white bumps and a few black bumps on him. Colored koi seem ok, but some of the smaller orange ones look like they may be getting white dots too. Hope they get better soon, hubs is going to call tomorrow to see about water treatments.

{June 23}

{June 22}

Today I shook hands with the President of our company...wonder if he liked my outfit?

{June 21}

2 Miles Done....with intervals of back on!

{June 20}

Told you the lillies were getting ready to pop!

{June 20}

It won't be long now....the orange lillies will probably start blooming this week.  (Photo actually taken yesterday)

{June 19}

{June 18}

After the yardsale we went out to Buckeye Lake to enjoy the sunset with a few friends.

{June 17}

Hoping this table brings in lots of $$$ on the yardsale this weekend!

{June 16}

Construction on the highway out front of my window...lots of beeping trucks going by.

{June 15}

Let's see how switching from coffee to Orange juice works...wish me luck!

{June 14}

A little old skool entertainment for cooking dinner.

{June 9}

Told you I liked flip-flops.

{June 8}

I captured this outside the library last that you can see the pollen.  Well not when it makes me sneeze, but at least I captured it!

{June 7}

Emma just taking a look while we get some gas

{June 6}

I'm wearing these today in honor of all my ShrinkingJeans ladies!  Go Team!!!

{June 5}

Happy Graduation Kirsten!

{June 4}

No words necessary. YUM.  I like to think of this as the East Coasts closest hope to In & Out Burger.

{June 3}

Oh you poor peonies.....sorry the wind took you out!

{June 2}

Not sure if you can tell from this picture, but a huge tree in the lot behind us fell down coming inches from our shed during the storms this week.  Very scary strong winds...thankful we got our tree chopped when we did!

{June 1}

{June 1}
Started picking out stuff for our new kitchen...which won't be for a while..but these are the colors I like!

{May 31}

{May 31}
Happy Memorial Day...remembering all those who have fought and continue to fight for our country.

{May 30}

{May 30}
Haven't had a good self portrait in a while...and by good I mean funny haha.

{May 29}

{May 29}
Happy Graduation Blane!

{May 28}

{May 28}
Went over and watched Miss K while her Momma ran a few errands...she is the sweetest thing, never would have known she had eartubes earlier that day!

{May 27}

{May 27}

Joined a few friends for Sex and the City 2!