This is my attempt to take a moment out of each day and capture something that makes me smile, laugh, think, cry or just feel.
I hope you enjoy the journey.

{July 28}

I am sad to announce that this is the last lily to bloom, all the others have bloomed and withered away...
there is just this one and unfortunately it will be withered by tomorrow.
Until next year beautiful lillies!

[July 27}

We looked out and found Emma just enjoying the evening....on the firepit.

{July 26}

1st day with shorter darker hair....I'm loving it!

{July 25}

Last day wearing long blonde hair!

{July 24}

Miss Emma hurt her leg and had to have it wrapped up because she wouldn't stop chewing on it. 
Amazingly she didn't chew on the bandage.

{July 23}

Oh no you didn't....oh yes we did!

{July 22}

Remeber the hawk that we saw...apparently there is a whole hawk family.  Can you see the 4 in this picture?

{July 21}

I have to give credit to my husband for actually capturing this amazing shot.  There was a bird just sitting outside the kitchen window on the ledge for about 10 minutes.  Just hanging out, wondering why he was being stared at.
*please ignore my dirty window*

{July 20}

Ok so this is kinda cheating, but I had to share.
I made this for dinner last was awesome!

Recipe can be found here.

{July 19}

I opened up the patio blinds this morning to let Emma out...and this is what I saw!  I grabbed my iphone real quick because I didn't think he would stay long enough to go grab my Canon.
He was eating out of the finch feeder!  First time I've ever seen one do this, I just thought the birds really liked their new food. (songbird mix). 

I should have known it was going to be an interesting day.  First this cutie looking at me, can you see his eyes?.  Then a groundhog crawled under my car in the parking lot at work and wouldn't leave.  I had to honk several times before he ran away.  Poor thing was just looking for shade I'm sure.  Then when I went for my run last night, I ran into a skunk and another deer...I don't think it was this one, he seemed bigger. Animal Kingdom much?  Just thankful it didn't include a blue heron grabbing a bite to eat at our pond!  

{July 18}

Our new stand from it!  So much thicker then I thought it would be...contemplating getting more pieces! Its holding my husbands vinyl collection, but I think it looks cool so I don't mind it being in the living room.

{July 17}

Hello Pittsburgh!
We took trip up the Duquesne Incline to get a view of the city.  It was a beautiful day!

{July 16}

ahhhh....treat after a hard work week.

{July 15}

Today I started C25K week 4...which includes 2 separate 5 minute running intervals.  I have never gotten this far in the C25K program. It's awesome!

{July 14}

Today I'm 33 years old...sometimes I feel like I'm 21 and sometimes I feel like I'm 50.
I'm just happy to be growing more comfortable in my skin as I get older.

{July 13)

Somewhere over the rainbow...

{July 12}

Patience is a virtue. I must remember this.

{July 11}

Farewell Fishie....sorry your life has come to an end. I like to think you had a long life before we met, and you had lots of babies and swam lots of laps and enjoyed the waterfall.

{July 10}

This falcon was outside of our house, it's been teaching its babies to hunt chipmunks and little birds. 
You can almost hear him barking orders in this shot!

{July 9}

This was from earlier in the week, I wasn't feeling so hot Friday night and forgot to take any during the day.  oops.

{July 8}

Emma started getting sick about 7pm last night and threw up repeatedly throughout the night. We are thinking it was one of those gourmet dog cookies we got her for her birthday.  Never again...sorry little girl!

{July 7}

The pump burnt out on Saturday so we had to pull it out and replace it with a new one.  The waterfall was off for a few days but now is running better then ever!

{July 6}

It's gonna be one of those kind of weeks...I can tell already.

{July 5}

Happy 7th Birthday Miss Emma!

{July 4}

Happy Independance Day!
My cousins little girls....J on the left is 9 months and A on the right is 3 months!

{July 3}

Time for fireworks!


Yes please...I'll have 2.

{July 1}

Switched purses last night...we'll how long this little one lasts before I can't zip it!