This is my attempt to take a moment out of each day and capture something that makes me smile, laugh, think, cry or just feel.
I hope you enjoy the journey.

{September 3}

Did someone say Sticky Buns?

{September 2}

Let's go Buckeyes!  I've been waiting a long time see this on TV again!

{September 1}

I <3 my airwalks.

{August 31}

This is a grape.  The other is a grape on steroids.

{August 30}

The last lily...still as beautiful as the first.

{August 29}

It was a great weekend with the girls, sadly it had to come to an end.

{August 28}

Buckeye Lake

{August 27}

Look who came to visit!

{August 26}

Good morning fishies!  You guys are getting sooo big!

{August 25}

Went to Olive Garden with the girls from work...and I ate a tomato in my salad.  Still not a fan, but at least I tried it again.

{August 24}

I almost picked this little guy up while I was gardening...that would have been gross.

{August 23}

What you lookin at?

{August 22}

Quick trip to Sams Club, its been a while, but I still managed to only grab a few things.

{August 21}

Rainbows make me smile.  There should be more of them, but then they wouldn't be so special.

{August 20}

{August 19}

Its been a while since I made stir-fry.  Note to self:get more vegetables.

{August 18}

Josie's Dress came in!  It is soo cute, can't wait to take it to her!!!

{August 17}

We normally go to the Granville library every Tuesday, there are these beautiful flowers that I really want to have in my backyard.
Anyone know what these are called?

{August 16}

And the fire is almost out....