This is my attempt to take a moment out of each day and capture something that makes me smile, laugh, think, cry or just feel.
I hope you enjoy the journey.

{August 15}

I feel like crap, this is the best I could come up with today.
This hangs in our living room.
I like it...lots.

{August 14}

After a few trips to Wal-Mart, the broken toilet lid has been replaced.
Note to self:never buy a Kohler one piece toilet was a pain in the ass to replace
(so says my husband)

{August 13}

There have been so many birds around lately.
This cardinal is thinking he should be able to pull rank on the finches...but it isn't working.

{August 12}

There are still random strawberries that appear on our waterfall.
I think they are cute.

{August 11}


{August 10}

sometimes i feel goofy.

{August 9}

'nuff said.

{August 8}

Miss Josie

{August 7}

Well, inventory reconciliation is over...and of course I'm the last one out the door.

{August 6}

I'm thrilled to be up this early heading to do physical inventory....can't you tell?

{August 5}

Went to visit our friends baby A...he is about 9 weeks now.
Such a cuite...look at those cheeks!

{August 4}

Might as well buy 2 bottles at a time, cause I know I will drink them sooner or later.  More then likely sooner.

{August 3}

Uh....remember that time you wore your shirt inside out the whole day and didn't realize it? And nobody told you? Yeah, this was that day.

{August 2}

The favorite part of both of our day.

{August 1}

I don't care who you are....Transformers are cool.

{July 31}

Look honey, more records.

{July 30}

There's a new bar in town...a frozen yogurt bar.
It's awesome!

{July 29}

Our neighbors husband actually took this while I was at work, but I love the depth and how he focused.