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I hope you enjoy the journey.

{July 19}

I opened up the patio blinds this morning to let Emma out...and this is what I saw!  I grabbed my iphone real quick because I didn't think he would stay long enough to go grab my Canon.
He was eating out of the finch feeder!  First time I've ever seen one do this, I just thought the birds really liked their new food. (songbird mix). 

I should have known it was going to be an interesting day.  First this cutie looking at me, can you see his eyes?.  Then a groundhog crawled under my car in the parking lot at work and wouldn't leave.  I had to honk several times before he ran away.  Poor thing was just looking for shade I'm sure.  Then when I went for my run last night, I ran into a skunk and another deer...I don't think it was this one, he seemed bigger. Animal Kingdom much?  Just thankful it didn't include a blue heron grabbing a bite to eat at our pond!  


  1. Great shot! Where we used to live (just 3 miles down the road from here) we had a whole herd of deer that would make its rounds into our yard every 4-5 days. They'd completely clean out the bird feeders just like yours is doing! We started putting out food just for them after awhile. Then a new development went in and we hardly ever saw them anymore. Now I just get the random deer on my running trail. They are so beautiful, but so, so scary up close!

  2. Great picture! We have had the occasional bear appearance in our neighborhood, but not many deer. (My husband's hometown has a lot of alligators - I'll take deer over gators any day.)


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